Energy and Power

We have developed an incredible network of professionals from the energy and power sector that has helped us gain an insight into talent management in the industry.

As a result, we are well positioned to place candidates in technical, senior level positions such as nuclear or civil engineers as well as junior staff including lab technicians and transport drivers.

Engineering and Manufacturing

As a recruitment agency that values expertise, we have partnered with professionals in key engineering and manufacturing roles to help us assess critical skills and knowledge that differentiate ideal candidates from merely suitable ones.

Our experience in extending bespoke recruitment consultation spans across several areas including, but not limited to, product design and development, operations, quality control, supply chain, and procurement.

Logistics and Transportation

At PlayRight, we believe in simplifying the recruitment pathway for both, our clients and prospective candidates. An industry as fast paced as logistics requires custom-made solutions that reduce the complexity of assessing for and developing appropriate skills in candidates.

Our consultancy is based on providing solutions that cater to the growing crises of high turnover and mismatch between available skills and demand in the industry.

Accounting and Finance

Investing in the hiring process is crucial because human resource is essential to company growth. We help you find and nurture human talent by making sure you market your company appropriately and by connecting finance job-seekers to our wide network of clients.

From interim or project-based work, we have supported our diverse pool of candidates at various stages in their careers, ranging from part qualified accountants to finance directors.

We are your

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We Our agency leverages our strength as a trustworthy organization to build a strong network of clients.

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